Publicity Virtual Assistant Available

(Belleville, MI) December 2012-Imagine being able to get the support you need for your business for a fraction of the price of hiring additional staff.  You can, with the help of a Virtual Assistant.  Virtual Assistants are experienced administrative professionals that help small business owners achieve their goals and solve their business challenges.  One such company is Success with Nicole.  Nicole Martin is a Publicity Virtual Assistant, and is ready to help your business thrive. 

In addition to traditional administrative duties, Martin specializes in Public Relations and Social Media. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, there is only a 49% survival rate for small businesses after 5 years.  Although, there are several contributing factors to this failure rate, lack of marketing and public relations is a critical issue.  PR and marketing is certainly needed for small businesses.  Competition is fierce and small businesses need publicity in order to succeed.

In today’s economy, business owners are simply wearing too many hats and cannot efficiently market their business. Owners can spend up to six hours a week on social media alone, and online PR can require a significant time commitment also. Developing marketing and promotional plans can also be a struggle.  Many don’t know where or how to get started.     Online Marketing components, such as blogs, Online Press Release Distribution, Article Writing, and Social Media have proven to effectively increase sales and can help your business stay ahead of the competition.

Martin has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and Business from Eastern Michigan University.   She can get your company the publicity it needs.    Whether you need press release distribution, article marketing, media pitching, or social media help, Martin has the experience and dedication that will get your business results.

Contact Martin and grow your business in 2013!  She can be reached at 734-252-6151 or visit You can also connect with her via social networks and twitter


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